Scandinavian approach to sustainability

We are from Copenhagen. Our mission is to accelerate the sustainability transition by engaging your employees in sustainability action.

And while here in Denmark, we take a holistic approach to sustainability – from renewable energy, waste recycling, bicycle culture to gender equality, … civic engagement is key.

When we add a flat hierarchy at the workplace, a strong focus on teamwork and shared responsibility, it is probably not surprising that Denmark is home to some of the world’s most sustainable companies.

Scandinavian approach towards sustainability culture

Why are we doing this?

We want you to succeed with your sustainability goals in a fun and easy way!

The interactive gamified learning experience fosters behavioural change and employee engagement in the sustainability transition.

We believe, that it all begins with the commitment of the individual employee, and with a change of the mindset, which will create a sustainability culture that matters.

In this way, you will also gain more credibility in your corporate branding, as the sustainability goals, will not only be a CSR strategy but definitely an integrated identity and image in your entire organization, which your stakeholders will notice.

It is our hope, that it will also help you to create a CSR strategy with greater impact, due to the collaboration and in-depth knowledge, by working with the entire solution. Working for valuable solutions, rather than being forced by restrictions.

We want to create a win-win-win situation, in collaboration with you, for people, the planet, and prosperity.

We believe in growing with our customers – and that our common commitment in sustainability, will establish the next generation of organizational culture & workplace.

Our mission

To accelerate the sustainability journey of organisations by providing employees with the right training and tools. With our Sustainability Engagement Platform, organisations will be able to upskill employees in sustainability and foster a culture of co-creation.

Our vision

To be the world’s leading sustainability engagement platform.

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