The EU Taxonomy Regulation And Its Implications For Companies

What is the EU Taxonomy Regulation? As a new effort to reduce the critical environmental issues the world is facing, The European Commission formulated the EU Taxonomy Regulation. The Taxonomy tool requires investors, companies, and financial institutions to...

The Importance of Feedback in Your Sustainability Journey

Do you understand the importance of feedback in your sustainability journey? We examine why (and how) to incorporate more feedback in your organisation.

Try Saying Thanks: Celebrating Success in the Workplace

Does your company celebrate success? Doing so can increase engagement and retention while helping you move closer to sustainability goals.

Strategy Alignment Experience

Strategy Alignment Experience

Where is your organisation heading to, and are your people bringing it there? Every so often, the leaders of an organization build new strategies. They aim to guide and develop its activities, seize new opportunities and manage potential risks. On the road to success,...